The agency was named after the main character of Jules Verne's novel "Around the World in Eighty Days". Phileas Fogg, a stiff English gentleman, accepts a wager with members of the prestigious Reform Club, to go around the world in eighty days. This challenge, where every millisecond counts, awakened a long forgotten passion to follow his dreams. On this adventure he realizes that "The world is beautiful, if you only take time to go around it."

With this sentence as our guide line, Fogg Travel Club was able to respond the precise requirements of clients, and has successfully profiled itself in corporate tourism. At the same time, our goal is for the corporate traveler to bring unforgettable impressions from his trip. Hence, all our itineraries contain that grain of eccentricity and persistence that, despite the challenges, provide the product of the highest level. Creativity, harmony of conformism and adventure, and personalized details is exactly what distinguishes travelers from tourists.

Through our brand “GoSerbia”, we promote unconventional places and concepts for corporate events and travel. Professionalism and focus on details in original packaging is our goal. Everyone who aspires to change the perspective of everyday life is welcome to get to know unusual Serbia through the programs of Fogg Travel Club. Whether it is a large or smaller group, or an individual traveler, at home or abroad, we are committed to make your event or trip a unique experience.